Hurricanes and climate change. Volume 3 / Jennifer M. Collins, Kevin Walsh, editors.

Preface; Acknowledgments; Contents; Contributors; 1 Recent Advances in the Emerging Field of Paleotempestology; 1 Introduction; 2 Recent Developments in Paleotempestology Proxies; 2.1 Historical Documentary Records; 2.2 Speleothem, Coral-, and Tree-Ring Archives; 2.2.1 Speleothems; 2.2.2 Corals; 2.2.3 Tree Rings; 2.3 Beach Ridges; 2.4 Coastal Lacustrine, Lagoon, and Marsh Overwash Deposits; 2.4.1 Modern Records; 2.4.2 Difficulties in Using Tropical Cyclone Overwash Records; 2.4.3 Long-Term Records; 2.5 Coastal Karst Basins; 3 Paleotempestology-Generated Landfall Frequencies and Return Periods

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Assessing Climate Change : Temperatures, Solar Radiation and Heat Balance / by Donald Rapp.

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